Dating someone your friend has slept with

Perhaps you consider everyone your friends had relations with to be off limits for life. Some would proceed with caution because of pride.

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But with the world and dating pool getting more connected there is bound to be overlap, especially if you are in a smaller town or have a vast network of friends. This is where being an adult and communicating is key. Was it just sex? Do they feel awkward being in the same room? Did it end poorly?

Proceed with caution depending on the answers. For example, if their sexual-relationship ended pretty badly, they may find it awkward to be in the same room and now you are constantly choosing between hanging with your friends and your love. It really comes down to what you are going to be comfortable with long term. Your friend and the boo may have had great or not so great sex once upon a time but do you want to let that stop you from finding real love too? Is this a friend you never want to lose?

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I'm surprised all of those people are cool about it. My main concern would be going out and someone saying something rude or constantly bringing it up but I guess if you just take it as a joke every time things are easier. I coyuld not, unless I had a really great connection with that person.. Under no circumstances should you go after this person. This would make you look bad and your friend.

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There would be no line according to another if they saw you take her. It is better to keep a respectable way of dating then getting second servings of a girl your friend just had. What do you mean there would be no line? Like they would make fun of you?

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Not respect flirting boundaries or something? Although after a while I think they would give it up and just accept it. Affects me big time I have no use for virgins and I am fine with having a sexual partner that has "experience" Why would this bother me in the slightest? I seriously don't understand.

Would You Date Your Friend’s Ex-Lover?

Is there a good reason to be bothered here? You can probably tell from the other responses what the issues are. So if she slept with a good friend that you were going to see a lot it wouldn't make things awkward? Insecurity seems to be the issue here.

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People are afraid that the woman would go back to the friend, or that being with her would hurt their friend's feelings; at least that's what I'm getting from the comments. These fears should be tossed aside. The chances of finding somebody that's compatible are small enough that non-deviant sexual history should not be an issue, even if it's with friends of yours. Maybe I'm like this because I was kind of forced to be.

In the community I grew up in my teen years pretty much everybody knew any one person; if not directly then through a friend, or a friend of a friend. Most people my age slept around a lot, the guys and the girls, so if I wanted to get any at all, well this "couldn't" be an issue.

I still think my logic is sound down below. Why refuse happiness over something so trivial? I'm currently seeing someone who has slept with 2 of my friends, and more recently I found out she had a one night stand with my brother about 2 years ago. It put me off her big time but I learn't to ignore it as my true feelings were still underneath, it's in the past, I'm not going to stop pursuing someone just because who she's been with just as I hope they won't with me.

I just asked them if they had a problem with me seeing her and none of them did so here I am now and I'm glad I pursued her, even though there's a little banter between us.

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Could you pursue someone who has slept with a friend? How badly does having a friend's seconds affect you?

Could you pursue a relationship or would it be a one nighter? I personally don't think I could handle a relationship with someone who had a one nighter with a friend but I'm not the most emotionally mature person.