Airport hookup

Instead of spending all your efforts mustering the courage to introduce yourself, now you can avoid the awkward scenario entirely and plan your airport hookups in advance with free travel dating apps.

Although dating apps take the edge off of approaching people face to face, online dating can only take you so far in airport hookups. Spark a conversation by offering to help with their luggage or keeping some mints on hand you may need it yourself! Instead of panicking because your phone is running low on battery, take advantage of this opportunity to ask for a charger or offer them your own. Most importantly, relax and be yourself.

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Make sure to arrive at the airport looking presentable to make a good first impression. As tempting as it is to grab those airplane sweats, you can still fly comfortably in a stylish ensemble.


A fitted dress shirt paired with jeans will keep your casual style on point without looking over or under dressed. If you happen to hit it off, you can never be too prepared with a decent pair of boxer briefs. Other options included storage closets, and some people even opted to try their luck hiding under a coat.

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In fact… the odds are very much in your favor. On top of that, airports are a particularly desirable locale because traveling creates a feeling of adventure, and offers an opportunity to escape the real world. For a woman, it gives her the chance to embrace her wild side.

So take the pressure off. Just as she can be anyone she wants, so can you.

Airport Hookups: How to Meet People at the Airport

Keeping the conversation steering toward your goal is also important. You want her to feel like this is a chance to do something a little wild, outside of her comfort zone, and that this opportunity is only created by the airport setting. You have proof that women want to do it just as much as you do, and you know that there are places you can go to do it.

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The laws of attraction are powerful—let them do most of the work.