Ranked matchmaking unlocked at level 20

Championships won in The Summer Battle Cup.

Awarded for your victories during the Dark Moon event. Awarded for winning Fantasy Dota leagues. You get points based on how you placed in the league: Awarded for defeating the final boss during Act I of the Siltbreaker campaign.

Dota 2 ranked matchmaking unlock at level 20

Awarded for participating in and winning games in celebration of the Nexon First Anniversary. Commemorates the previous battle point level that was obtained. Also rewards 10 trophy points for every 5 battle point levels, up to a maximum of 17, trophy points battle point levels.

Awarded for completing the All-Hero Challenge. Awarded for successfully predicting that you're going to win a game before the horn sounds multiple times in a row. Awarded for scoring a high amount of last hits during the Last Hit Practice.

Watch this before playing ranked for the first time! - League of Legends

Commemorates how many times you have been voted match MVP by your teammates. Only works in lobbies. How did the first guy to open a school managed to get lvl 50 without a school? The link to Kuretz doesn't work All gear obtained through combat trails is completely RNG, you cannot get anything guaranteed.


Guest Sign in Help. Points Players get points for every Combat Trail they undertake.

Players receive points for: After gaining 5 points, players increase their rank by one. Rank Rewards At every rank, you receive one random piece of equipment. Every ten ranks until rank 60 you unlock a new boss.

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