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To The Adult Me. Crunchyroll has not yet announced whether or not the Asobi Asobase OVA episodes will be made available for streaming. In the past, Crunchyroll has begun streaming OVA episodes for various popular anime series. Considered the funniest anime of the season, the plot-less story may be relatively shallow in comparison to competitors but it delivers the comedic moments with just the appropriate amount of animated nonsense.

The pacing of the anime adaptation is rather brisk, with studio Lerche choosing to adapt three to four chapters per episode. The anime pretty much followed the manga chapters to the letter, although there were some anime-only jokes and some of the chapters were adapted out of order.

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All in all, the anime has adapted 37 chapters as of Episode By Asobi Asobase Episode 12 the anime had adapted up through Chapter 46 of Volume 5 but skipped chapters 43 and Including the upcoming OVA episode, the total number of adapted chapters jumps to As of the last update, Lerche or any company related to the production of the anime has not officially confirmed the Asobi Asobase Season 2 release date.

Once the news is officially confirmed this article will be updated with the relevant information. Studio Lerche is already teasing the fans with the prospect of a second season. Hopefully, the anime will be successful enough for Asobi Asobase Season 2 to be greenlit quickly. Yet when she sees him outside school she notices he has tons of piercings and tattoos and is also very outgoing.

After both finding out that they both live completely different lives to the ones they do at school. They become very close friends and Izumi is always going over to Hiro's house to help her. The two quickly form a bond and might even fall in love.

Now maybe this isn't a manga that isn't that unknown. As I think its pretty popular but still for those that haven't read it yet do so now.

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Really I love just about everything in this manga. The characters all feel very fresh and original. Hori is a very sweet girl. Although not to sure as to why she feels the need to hide the fact that she takes care of her brother after school. As I found this to make her and even more endearing character. As well as her love for horror films although she never gets scared while watching them.

To me though the strangest thing about her is how she likes to randomly get treated horrible by Izumi. Its funny to see this happen as Izumi hates doing it. Yet Hiro will get this perverted look on her face and enjoy it way to much. But other then that she is just your average high school student who loves her BF very much.

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Then you have Izumi who for the most part if very normal. I thought his back story was good. As he was a kid that hated being just like everybody else. So he decided to start getting tons of piercings and tattoos. But then when he got older he hated the attention he would receive from having them.

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Izumi can be very shy but towards those he knows well he is pretty outgoing. Watching how kindly he treats Hiro is so sweet and really shows how much he loves her. I also love how their is no drama at all in this manga. Only great thing is Hiro dad he is such a great character.

Really have never seen a single father like him ever. I mean for starters he looks like a a trouble maker. With long disheveled hair and smoking cigarettes. One funny thing about him is he is a lot more immature then both Hiro and Izumi. Witch leads to so many funny moments.

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Another great thing about him is he instantly accepts his daughters relationship and just loves hanging out with Izumi. Even doing such things as thinking of future names for his grandchildren with Izumi. He really loves his daughter though she never shows him any love. Instead she tears into him with insult aftet insult.

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For all the great things about this manga their are a few negative ones. Such as their can be some very short chapters less then 20 pages. Then their is the fact that sometimes we will get multiple weeks in a row of the manga just following the side characters. Now some of these are very good. While others I could really do without.

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The story follows Nanase a very old fashioned and polite high school girl. Nanase for the first time in her life finds herself with a BF. Nishino who is a pure and kind friend of her brother. They both however have no idea what it means to date someone. The first thing I like about this manga is the two MC and their relationship. Not to often do I see two shy pure hearted characters in love with each other.

Usually its the shy girl with the outgoing girl. I love to watch the two of them fumble around each other. It was innocent and sweet and refreshing for me. You would think two characters like this wouldn't have so much progression as a couple. Yet it moves along much faster then a lot of other manga. It was nice to see that even though they are both shy.

That the manga was still able to have them do things that would take other couples so much longer to reach. Then there are some good side character's. Who is a bit of a sadist but at the same time helps out the two MC. Putting them in situations that will make them advance their relationship. Then there's Nishino sister who is a bit of a neet. Who loves to play this game where you catch beetles and raise them to turn into hot looking guys lol.

Overall if your look for a light hearted manga to read then I suggest giving this a try. Arisugawa Suzu is a very sheltered 16 year old. She refuses to to date until she is of the age of But after meeting a handsome boy named Nomiya who she gets along with very well.

Will she be able to keep her morales of not falling in love until she is Or will she end up breaking down and falling in love with him. Now I know this manga only has two chapters out and that could be hard to judge it. But I can already tell this manga will be great. Suzu is such a original character I've never seen anyone like her.